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Vladimir Putins RT News Predicts Dire Christmas For Europe In Grim Ad

Vladimir Putins RT News Predicts Dire Christmas For Europe In Grim Ad

RT news channel congratulated Vladimir Putin on a sad Christmas in Europe.

In an outlandish holiday ad, the Kremlin-funded propaganda channel attacks its Western enemies by predicting a future in which families eat their pets and live in the dark as Western sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine lift energy costs.

"RT's official media exposes anti-Western propaganda in English-language TV commercials," journalist Sotri Dimbenodis wrote on Twitter, accompanied by a sad clip.

The 75-second commercial features a European family celebrating three consecutive holidays, apparently due to worsening economic conditions.

To the soundtrack of a brutal version of Silent Night, two parents give their lucky daughter a pet hamster in 2021; Then, in the year 2022, a small hamster wheel is connected to a small generator to power the Christmas lights. Their frozen dark home.

© via The New York Post Russian propaganda channel RT wishes the world an "anti-Russian" Christmas in a new advertisement. RT

In 2023, low-income families wear coats and scarves for watery Christmas soup. When a terrified father pulled a red ribbon from his hamster's mouth, the mother kept silent so her child wouldn't know her beloved pet had become a holiday treat.

"Happy Birthday to Russia!" Read the letter at the end of the ad. "If your media doesn't tell you where to go, RT is available."

The European Union banned RT in its member states in March, shortly after Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine, but its programming can still be found online.

The public turned their eyes to the clumsy propaganda.

"I think this prediction is very accurate," wrote a Twitter user under the pseudonym Lesion Heir. "By the way, it's been 302 days since Putin thought Kyiv would pass in two days."

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky speaking at a joint session of Congress. Full video

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